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review for video marketing blaster

Ranking on 1st page on Google search today is like trying to reach the top of the highest mountain.

You will eventually get there, but it will take you forever.

Well, honestly, it’s easier to reach the peak of the mountain than actually ranking on the first page. LOL

I know you get it.

Knowing about how SEO works when you’re a content creator is a type of gain these days.

As a content creator myself– a writer, I admit that I’m still struggling with SEO, but it’s crucial that I know what keywords I should include on my writeups.

The point is, if you know your way around SEO, you no longer need to hire freelancers to help your content rank on Google and/or Youtube search.

seoI must admit, though, learning SEO is genuinely difficult, at least for me.

Although, according to the experts, once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as putting on a shirt.

I mean, yeah, okay, I could learn SEO, but it would take me AGES. What if I wanted my content to rank on the first page ASAP?

Well, you don’t have to be grumpy about that, because, in fact, I have just the right application for your predicament.

In today’s review, I will show you the importance of ranking on 1st page of Google search results… by introducing you to my good friend here named Video Marketing Blaster.

*Quick disclaimer before we hit the road: everything I will be providing you with on this review is just for informational purposes only. It isn’t affiliated with VMB nor other people’s reviews about it.*

What is Video Marketing Blaster?

Video Marketing Blaster or VMB is an easy-to-use, done-for-you video marketing software that targets all the necessary keywords that users search for video content consequently ranking them on 1st-page results.

It claims to be the “only” software that is able to “reverse-engineer” Youtube and Google ranking system and rank hundreds of videos with just 3 clicks.

Not only that, but VMB will also teach you the right keywords to target for your content to easily show up on Youtube and Google.

youtube search

It is used to get prompt traffic on your website to increase the conversion rate without having to break the bank or waste time and effort.

Video Marketing Blaster will automatically create the title, video description, and tags that are essential for your content.

We’re not in the good part yet, but according to VMB, you don’t have to be an SEO expert or conversion guru to understand the software.

It is made entirely for beginners and content creators who want to know how these things work.

You just need to follow simple tips and rules to know your way around easily.

What can you say about it so far?

How Does VMB Work?

There are 3 steps to be able to target traffic and eventually gaining what you’ve worked for:

  • Step 1: Find Untapped Keywords

find untapped keywords

The software suggests untapped keywords and related ones for your niche. Keywords that you can quickly utilize and will bring you highly-targeted traffic that will convert.

  • Step 2: Autopilot SEO Optimizationautopilot seo optimization

VMB will analyze your competitors, identify all the weak points in their content, and will automatically “exploit” them– all of that in just ONE CLICK. After a minute, the software will give you a well-balanced combination of titles, descriptions, and tags that will get you to the top. 😉

  • Step 3: Sit Back & Relaxcopy paste and profit

Of course, VMB swore to never give you all the hard work, so just go and upload your videos or anything you think of on Youtube, and watch as the traffic floods your offers.


That was a blast!

It seems like Video Marketing Blaster’s goal is to make its users SEO experts, huh?

I’m not complaining. 😉

What’s Inside & How Much Does it Cost?

Of course, not only you get to be your personal SEO “expert“, but you also get to own some perks of this program, including bonuses, of course.

As per the sales page, Video Marketing Blaster is a 2-in-1 software.

For only $37 (then $97), you will get to enjoy these components:

  • Module #1: Keyword Finderkeyword finder

VMB will analyze all the targeted keywords by your competitors and recommends the ones that bring them the most traffic and can be easily “exploited“.

Like I said earlier, knowing what keywords to embed on your content is crucial.

This is why Video Marketing Blaster will recommend all the highly-descriptive customer keywords that users are putting on Google search that send targeted traffic to your competitors.

  • Module #2: Video Detailsvideo details

For your video to get ranked, you need flawlessly-optimized titles, tags, and descriptions.

VMB will get you the exact correct balance of keywords that will make Google swoon over your videos and give them instant top rankings.

  • BONUS: VIP Invite To the Private Live Training Lessonbonus live webinar

This is quite a big deal if you ask for my opinion. You will be able to build your own video marketing agency and sign hundreds of dollars/month clients.


VMB has added new free 6 affiliate promo videos intro pack bonuses once you get the program.

20 apple style intro outro videos

vintage photos pack

850 royalty free images

the youtube review trick ebook

100 music loops plr

audio video platinum pack

Apart from that, I’ve mentioned several times what this software can do to boost your content and help them rank on-page results.

Now that you have an idea of what this program is about and its components, would you purchase it?

About the Founders

creators of vmb

If you’ve ever heard of Blaster Suite, you’re probably familiar with the Video Marketing Blaster’s creators: Stoica and Vlad.

They’ve been in the industry for quite long. They started with SEO and eventually got hooked to Youtube and other platforms.

stoica mihai

Stoica Mihai specializes in building, managing, and balancing businesses and finding profit and opportunities where others fail. He has helped hundreds of small businesses with digital marketing and conversion optimization.

vlad christian

Vlad Christian or Vlad M, on the other hand, is a genius coder and has been named as the “loophole finder” for his Youtube expertise and for discovering hundreds of methods to gain from its algorithms.

Vlad and Stoica have dedicated their lives to helping people and future content creators reach their full potential by making breathtaking content.

People consider them as the “go-to” guys when it comes to Youtube marketing.

They created Blaster Suite to be the “one-stop” program for all things content-making.

Some of their fascinating products are Thumbnail Blaster, Live Event Blaster 2, Video Spin Blaster Pro, of course, the Video Marketing Blaster, and many more valuable tools.

They’re continuously growing as digital marketers and their services and products are continually gaining well-deserved recognition.

Who Is VMB For?


I suppose I’ve made myself clear, but okay, I guess I needed to create an entire section for this one.

Video Marketing Blaster is for any video content makers who want their videos to rank the first page on search results.

Who doesn’t what that, though, dum-dum.

Well, I apologize for breaking it to you, but there are creators who just want to make content just for fun– to entertain themselves out of boredom.

So yes, my point is valid through and through.

Youtubers, particularly, are the ones who might need this software, given the certainty of how tight the competition is on Youtube.

There are content creators who are just starting out and just don’t know how they could rank up faster without breaking their banks.

youtube viewsAnd… gaining lots of views will also gain them lots and lots of $$$$.

If you’re thinking about making a Youtube channel, I suggest getting some software like VMB. It is the easiest way to reach the top, I believe.



  • Easy to understand
  • Reasonable price
  • You don’t need SEO experience or to be a pro
  • Has the ability to track your rankings
  • No setup required
  • Done-for-you software
  • Training materials are provided
  • 30-day money-back guaranteed30-day money-back guarantee


  • Digital (a con for some people who prefer physical ones)
  • Still has a few glitches

Is It a Scam?

It isn’t a scam.

But also, I know what other people’s reviews are telling. They’re proving it otherwise.

The good thing is, they couldn’t fully substantiate their opinions, since a lot of actual users can attest to VMB’s efficacy.

I recommend actually getting the software to know its full potential. I’m really not a fan of forming my judgments off of other people’s views about it.

So yeah, I don’t believe Video Marketing Blaster is a scam nor it is a way to take people’s money.

Vlad and Stoica are both renowned digital marketers in the field, and both have remarkable credentials.


Yay! Thank you for taking the time to devour my Video Marketing Blaster (VMB) review.

I really do hope, though, that I have somehow shed light on the topic that we have discussed today.

Sure, you can study SEO, but it will consume all your time, effort, and energy just by looking at the learning materials. Ugh.

No shade to anyone who’s just started with learning it, but I mean, there is software such as VMB to help you quickly learn the basics. Am I right?

So, there, I think we’re done for the day. I highly recommend VMB if you want your content to make it to the goal.

See you again soon, folks!

Any product recommendations you want us to look into for the next review hit us up in the comments!

Ciao for now! 🙂


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