Thumbnail Blaster REVIEW: Did it work? Long, in-depth article

Thumbnail blaster review

Striking images are among the top reasons why people would choose a particular YouTube video over others. That’s because visual cues can communicate messages faster than actual words can.

Of course, this is not to say that good content as a whole isn’t rewarded accordingly. But unless you can entice your target audience with good thumbnails, they’ll probably skip what you have to offer — even if you put in all your best efforts to make it great.

If you’re not confident in your graphic design skills, you’ll need to hire a graphic designer to create thumbnails that can make your videos pop out from the search results. However, what if you don’t have the budget for it?

For such situations, Thumbnail Blaster can help you, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s a very affordable software that allows you to create amazing thumbnails, even if your design skills are currently limited.

Appealing Thumbnails and Viewership: What’s the Connection?

Ever since we were children, we were all told that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. After all, it’s impossible to know everything about a particular object just by looking at it for a few seconds.

Indeed, there’s some benefit in learning how to look beyond something’s initial appearance. However, it’s undeniable how we automatically make value judgments based on what we’re seeing.

This happens before we can even examine something on a deeper level. We can’t really help this because our eyes are trained to go through details before our mind can interpret it thoroughly.

This is exactly how it goes for video thumbnails. Yes, content quality is ultimately what drives subscriber numbers up. However, first impressions still mean a lot if you wish to attract more people to your channel.

WHat is a Thumbnail and Why Is It Important?

A thumbnail is a cover photo that visually summarizes what your video is all about. This helps viewers decide if they can get anything of value from your content.

Creating customized thumbnails can make a significant difference in your channel stats and viewership. If viewers know exactly what they can expect from your video even without reading your title and description, you have a bigger chance of drawing them in.

This is what Thumbnail Blaster aims to solve for content creators who wish to improve their video thumbnail strategies. In this Thumbnail Blaster review, we’ll discuss how you can benefit from this software and if it’s actually a good product for your situation.

Vlad and Stoica: The Names Behind This Product

The creators of Thumbnail Blaster are people who go by the names “Vlad” and “Stoica”. According to the product’s official website, their team is based in Timisoara, Romania.

There’s not much that you can find about Vlad and Stoica when you try to learn about their work on Thumbnail Blaster. They may simply be using pseudonyms.

Nonetheless, the website’s Contact Page assures people that the team will take care of them when they become part of the Blaster Family. The Blaster Family refers to their community of customers who bought any of their products from the Blaster Suite.

What Can You Expect from This Software?

YouTube, or video marketing in general, is one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can use to put your brand on the map. If you’ve discovered how to use video platforms to your advantage, it’s essential that you also learn how to create thumbnails that will make users click on your videos.

Thumbnail Blaster makes this task easy for you. Upon running the software, you’ll only need 3 simple steps to get the job done. These are:

    1. Choosing a Template: You can either choose the template or you can let the AI do it for you. It comes with 30+ templates across various niches (e.g. vlogs, business, reviews, SEO, makeup, weight loss, etc.).
    2. Editing and Customization: You don’t need any special skills to redesign your templates according to your liking. You can simply drag and drop elements, resize them, and add more designs as you deem fit.
    3. Publishing the Thumbnail: Thumbnails can be published in various sizes. You can hit the “publish” button to automatically update your video’s thumbnail, or you can download it as a .jpeg and upload it manually.

As you can see, you don’t exactly need to have artistic skills to operate this software effectively. Undeniably, however, developing a good eye for aesthetically pleasing thumbnails can help you maximize Thumbnail Blaster’s features more.

Comparing Thumbnails: Which is Better?

Sometimes, you may have multiple thumbnail ideas for one video. Of course, you can only choose one to represent a single content.

Fortunately, Thumbnail Blaster also comes with the Split-Test Module. This is inspired by A/B testing, a process which compares two versions of a particular material to determine which of them draws in the better stats.

Using the Split-Test Module, you can find out which of the two thumbnails that you created drives more views — all without needing to upload multiple videos to your channel. The software does this in 3 steps:

    1. Thumbnail Selections: Here, you’ll choose which 2 thumbnails you’d like to test.
    2. Split-Test Proper: Thumbnail Blaster will do the work for you by rotating your thumbnails and recording the stats that it gets.
    3. Split-Test Winner: When the test ends, Thumbnail Blaster will automatically choose the thumbnail that had better stats.

Instead of having to monitor these things by yourself, you can rely on Thumbnail Blaster if you wish to experiment on various thumbnails. This can be a good move if you’re trying to figure out which design is better suited for your general audience.

Program Bonuses

Thumbnail Blaster comes with 2 bonuses, which are:

    • Video Ranking Machine ($97 Value): Want your brand to rank on the first page of YouTube and Google? Video Ranking Machine can teach you how to do that by helping you out with targeted keywords.
    • Live Training Webinar ($497 Value): For customers who wish to learn more about how they can use Thumbnail Blaster to the fullest, the Live Training Webinar will show you the methods that can help you master Google rankings.

Does It Have Upsells?

Yes, Thumbnail Blaster has 4 upsells, which are:

    1. Pro Upgrade ($1.47): Extended license support, multiply account support, template saving, image analysis
    2. Agency Upgrade ($2.67): Outsourcing cheat sheet, agency rights, agency website
    3. Template Club: ($3.27): 20 VIP bonus templates, 20 new templates per month
    4. Lingo Blaster ($4.57): Video title and description translations available in 100+ languages

According to some user reviews, the basic product (which is priced at a one-time fee of $37) is fairly limited without the upsells. Fortunately, the prices of the upsells aren’t exactly expensive. Plus, all of them are just one-time fees as well.

Thus, if you wish to get the most out of Thumbnail Blaster, purchasing the upsells — at least up to the 3rd one — might be worth it.

Who is This Product For?

Thumbnail Blaster is highly recommended for people who are just starting to dabble with content creation via YouTube. Of course, it’s also useful for those who have been in any video platform for quite some time now.

It can also be used by small to medium-sized businesses that wish to introduce video marketing into their marketing campaigns. Basically, as long as you need video thumbnails, you’ll benefit in some way from this product.

Of course, if you eventually become a much bigger brand, you may need to hire graphic designers to give your thumbnails a more unique and personalized look.

Why Do Content Creators Love It?

Based on several Thumbnail Blaster reviews on the product’s website, not only do they use the software for thumbnails, but they also use it for banners and logos. It also helps them come up with more creative ideas for thumbnails.

One of the best features of this program is its relative ease of use. It isn’t complicated at all, even for senior-aged users. Many customers also notice the dramatic shift of their videos’ click-through rates (CTR) and viewership for the better.

Some Drawbacks

Thumbnail Blaster is a cloud-based software so you must always be connected to the internet when you use it. While it’s primarily made to make the artistic direction of your thumbnails easier for you, it may also limit your artistic styles.

Should You Get This Product?

For a one-time fee of $37, you can already learn a lot about creating good thumbnails for your videos. This small investment will not only give your channel more views because of better thumbnails, but it will also attract more subscribers.

The upsells, which amount to $11.98, are a good deal as well. Thus, for a grand total of $48.98, it’s now possible for you to make enticing thumbnails that would make subscribers and potential audience click your videos.

Is it a Scam?

No, Thumbnail Blaster isn’t a scam. In fact, it’s incredibly helpful if you don’t have any graphic design skills to speak of. Of course, you can always learn how to use programs like Photoshop or hire a graphic designer to do your thumbnails for you.

But for those who currently don’t have the time and budget for that, Thumbnail Blaster is a reliable solution. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with its features, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts on Thumbnail Blaster

Thumbnails may not be the bread and butter of video marketing, but undeniably, it helps bring home the bacon. From a list of possible videos to watch on a search results page, people will prefer thumbnails that match what they expect from the content.

For content creators who want to create their own thumbnails, Thumbnail Blaster provides a good place to start. With user-friendly features, it won’t take long before you hit your goals with your YouTube channel.


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