SQRIBBLE Review = Builds easy, profitable eBooks or NOT?

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Information has quickly become the most sought-after commodity on the internet. People can now fulfill their information needs with just a few clicks, all thanks to significant technological innovations over the past two decades.

E-books: A Great Way to Market Information

Nowadays, people who wish to learn more about particular topics can simply read introductory e-books written by niche experts. No matter what your readers’ knowledge levels are, e-books are a great way to share valuable information with your audience.

However, you probably already know that creating e-books isn’t easy. Aside from writing the content, or outsourcing it to another writer, you still have to design its cover and format it so that it’s readable on most devices.

This is where Sqribble comes in. It’s a cloud-based software that was developed by Adeel Chowdhry to help bypass the long process of creating e-books. If you’re looking for reviews about this product, read on so you can decide whether it’s worth it for your needs.

Sqribble Creators: Who Are They?

A photo of Adeel Chowdhry from his official Facebook page

Sqribble is the brainchild of Adeel and Ali Chowdhry who are both in the online marketing business. Adeel is an online entrepreneur who has been in the digital industry for more than a decade, while Ali is a business strategist who also handles their company PR.

Aside from Sqribble, they also created Pixel Studio FX (e-book cover creator) and Social Studio FX (thumbnail creator for social media). Since these tools were pretty successful, they’ve decided to level things up and develop an e-book creator as well.

What Exactly Does Sqribble Offer?

Sqribble's e-book templates

Sqribble is an e-book creator that lets you produce e-books in mere minutes. You simply have to choose a template, input your content source, and it already generates an e-book that you can further edit for a more polished look.

You don’t need to install Sqribble on your computer since it’s cloud-based. Upon purchasing, it will provide you with training tools and tutorial videos to help you maximize its features. Here are a few things that you can expect from the standard version:

    • 50 e-book templates in 15 popular niches
    • Automatic generation of content, table of contents, and page numbers
    • Easy drag-and-drop mechanism for adding content and design elements
    • Over 300 Google fonts
    • Over 1,000 free stock photos
    • Accessible feedback platform for clients

On paper, it does sound like a total solution for online entrepreneurs who wish to forego the hassles of back and forth communications with different sets of freelancers. In that sense, Sqribble is useful, but there are also cases when a personalized approach to e-book creation is required.

For example, if you’re an up-and-coming figure in your niche and you’ve already published some reliable content, then yes, Sqribble can help you with e-book marketing. However, if you’re already an established personality, you’ll need to ditch the templates and produce a book that really speaks for your brand inside out.

Is Sqribble a Scam?

Sqribble's sales page

Sqribble is a real, working product that has already been used by real people. Most of its users are bloggers and internet marketers who wish to repackage their informational content in book form.

Looking at Sqribble’s website, however, it’s understandable why any interested buyer would be doubtful about the product. After all, its content structure is very similar to websites that keep on bombarding you with endless call-to-actions without really caring if you need their product or not.

Additionally, compared to other websites that have organized navigation, Sqribble is a giant web page where you have to scroll all the way down just to find out what you’re looking for. Thus, even though their web design looks pretty legit, you might get frustrated looking for the information that you really need.

It also has upsells that they don’t advertise upfront. You’ll only learn about them once you already pay the one-time fee of $67. The upsells are:

    1. Sqribble Professional 2019 ($97): Provides additional templates and features
    2. Sqribble Prime Membership ($47): Gives you access to new templates and ready-made content every month
    3. Sqribble Fantasia 3D ($77): Allows you to create 3D models of your e-books
    4. Auto Job Finder ($197): Helps you maximize the software so you can create better e-books and sell your services as a freelancer

Other than the overly salesy and somewhat shady homepage, it’s still a product that works fine when you know how to use it. If you do decide to get it, the UI is easy enough to figure out; you just have to play around with it to see what you can do with the designs.

Who Will Benefit from Sqribble?

Content creators and online marketers

The main target market of Sqribble are people who are in the “make money online” business. Most likely, those who are looking for a Sqribble review belong in one of the following categories:

    • Online entrepreneurs
    • Bloggers
    • Internet marketers
    • Affiliate marketers
    • Freelancers
    • Consultants
    • YouTubers

Of course, even if you aren’t any of these things, it’s still a good tool for anyone who needs to produce e-books or reports as soon as possible. If you can’t pay professional freelancers for a book that really suits your business, then this software will have to do for now.

Some Caveats

Since Sqribble allows you to populate your book with free, ready-made content on the software, using this option may tarnish your credibility. After all, you’re not the only one who’s using Sqribble and creating e-books in your niche. Hence, there’s a high chance that “your words” may appear in “someone else’s book”.

That said, it’s best to be careful about this feature. You may be able to bypass the design process, but the content should never be mishandled.

A New Freelance Business

For those who are thinking about purchasing the upsells, a great way of getting back what you paid for is to practice designing e-books. Once you get better at e-book designing, you can sell your services to people who need to publish e-books.

You won’t really have a problem with repeating designs, because the prime membership always provides new templates every month. Also, there are several ways to customize a single template. If you become adept at the software, even two books with the same template can still look significantly different.

Sqribble vs. Other E-book Creators

Selling e-books

In terms of specs, the closest to Sqribble is Designrr. The feel and the UI of the software is nearly the same, as both of them promise to help you create and design e-books in minutes. You simply have to input your sources and the e-book is ready for polishing.

If you’re content creator on YouTube, or if you’re running a podcast, Designrr may be the more fitting e-book creator for you. That’s because it can transcribe content from YouTube videos or podcasts — something that Sqribble can’t do right now.

On the other hand, if your content mainly comes from your blog or doc files, then Sqribble may already be enough. Plus, since the upsells give you access to more templates, you won’t run the risk of repeating book designs.

Are There Free E-book Creators Out There?

There are also cloud-based “freemium” e-book creators that you can try, such as Canva and Venngage. However, the free versions always have limited storage and features. Eventually, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid versions, which usually charge a monthly fee, to utilize the features that you actually need.

Then, you also have downloadable software like Sigil and Calibre. These are no-frills software that allow you to convert your text file into a format that’s compatible with most e-readers (pdf, mobi, epub, etc.). These will do if your book isn’t heavy on pictures or other visual elements.

The caveat is that you’ll have to design your cover on a separate program or outsource it to a professional. If you don’t mind creating a simple, purely text-based e-book, then programs like Sigil and Calibre are already good enough.

Final Thoughts on Sqribble

E-book collection

After a thorough review of Sqribble’s features, it can be concluded that it’s useful depending on the situation.  If you simply need an e-book creator without the hassles of hiring formatters, book editors, and designers, then yes, Sqribble can technically do the job.

It gives you the avenue to practice creating and designing your own e-books if:

    • You don’t have the resources to hire a professional.
    • You’ve already written the content and it just needs to be compiled.

However, once you come to the point when you’ve already established your brand, then a more personalized approach to e-book creation will be the better way to go.

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