Simple Wifi Profits REVIEW + Fake promises, or Real??

Simple wifi profits review

People all over the world now have access to more business opportunities, all thanks to the internet. Aside from going down the traditional path of setting up an online shop, they can also engage in affiliate marketing to sell products on behalf of other businesses.

One of the most popular affiliate marketing programs in the market today is Simple WiFi Profits. In this post, we’ll carefully review what it has to offer.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Before we go deeper into this Simple WiFi Profits review, we must first understand what affiliate marketing is and how it works.

Affiliate marketing is all about providing a selling platform for other businesses. You’re in charge of advertising particular products to targeted market, with the ultimate goal of converting their clicks into sales. Think of yourself as the middleman that connects businesses with potential buyers.

Affiliate marketing is typically accomplished by setting up a niche blog, then teaming up with companies that are related to your niche. You then incorporate their products into your content to encourage your readers to buy them.

When you successfully produce sales via affiliate links, the company will pay you via commissions. The more buyers you refer to them, the more you can earn from the affiliate program.

Although the general idea of affiliate marketing may seem simple, getting it rolling may seem difficult at first. This is especially true if you’re new to the game and you’re unsure of where to start. This is where Simple WiFi Profits comes in.

Who Created Simple WiFi Profits?

A photo of Chris Eom and Andrew Wright on the SWP official website

Simple WiFi Profits is an ongoing affiliate marketing program by WiFi Bosses, Chris Eom and Andrew Wright. Once they saw that their program worked consistently enough, they saw an opportunity to turn it into a valuable web course.

In this project, they are joined by Mike Balmaceda, the founder and CEO of AMPLIFY. It’s a digital marketing agency that focuses on webinar marketing.

Mike is also the co-developer of The Six Figure Success Academy, a 6-week training program that teaches people how to profitably utilize webinars and online courses. Mike’s collaboration with Chris and Andrew eventually launched Simple WiFi Profits.

How Does Simple WiFi Profits Work?

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Simple WiFi Profits operates in the same manner as most successful businesses: providing solutions to a particular demographic. Whereas businesses focus on creating solutions on their own, affiliate marketers simply have to find what has already been created by others.

This is Simple WiFi Profit’s 4-Step Process to creating significant amounts of income monthly:

    1. Determine a Problem Area for People: All of us have problems that need effective and long-lasting solutions. Think of a problem that many people may have — something that can be solved by using specific products or information.
    2. Look for an Already Existing Solution: You don’t need to be the problem solver for the common problems that you just thought of. You simply need to find businesses that have already dedicated themselves to providing these solutions.
    3. Lead Them to These Products or Services: It’s time to bring the products you’ve found to where the people are: Facebook. You’ll be introducing the products that you’ve gathered through targeted ads.
    4. Earn Money from Commissions: Ideally speaking, once your target market sees your ads, the sales will start to pour in. With this set-up, you’ll typically get paid weekly. To earn more, you can spend more on ads so that more people will be able to see them.

The main reason why many people are able to consistently earn through Simple WiFi Profits’ system, without exerting too much effort, is because once the ads have been set, it requires very little maintenance.

As mentioned earlier, affiliate marketers are typically bloggers who look for products to advertise within their content. Fortunately, in 2020, affiliate marketing trends are now moving beyond blogs and including other platforms as well.

Because Simple WiFi Profits primarily focuses on Facebook, you simply have to worry about writing good copies for your ads and landing pages.

Module Topics

The Simple WiFi Profits module is divided into 7 comprehensive chapters, which are further subdivided into modules. The total number of modules is 66. The main idea of each chapter are as follows:

    1. Introduction to affiliate marketing
    2. What constitutes a 7-figure success
    3. The tried-and-tested ways to gain consistent profits
    4. Firmly establishing your affiliate marketing career
    5. How to make your processes fool-proof
    6. How to scale your current sales
    7. Additional affiliate marketing tips and hacks

Before Chapter 1 starts, there’s a welcome module that features short videos about Chris Eom and Andrew Wright’s journey. It also includes the link to the Simple WiFi Profits Facebook group, where members can ask questions and share their stories. Chris and Andrew are also quite active in this group.

After Chapter 7, there’s a module of glossary and live Q&A coaching sessions with the WiFi Bosses themselves. Perhaps this is one of the best things about this product — they have a 24/7/365 VIP support concierge service for everyone who signed up, and even fellow students can provide answers in the Facebook group.

Who Will Benefit from Simple WiFi Profits?

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Simple WiFi Profits can be a good investment for anyone who wishes to earn extra during their free time. While that target market sounds vague, it’s mainly because this product isn’t limited to a specific type of marketer.

Listed below are some of its pros and cons:


    • Comprehensive and Intensive: Their module contains all the meaty affiliate marketing information that you need to know to get started. No fillers or fluff!
    • Updated Information: Chris and Andrew are constantly updating their content based on new and effective techniques.
    • Easily Executable Tips: As they say on their sales page, all the hard work has been done for you; you simply need to put the icing on the cake to get those products to people who are willing to buy them.
    • Support Availability: Given that many people are trying their product, Chris and Andrew are expecting many questions, so they’ve made themselves readily available for that.
    • A Sense of Community: The Simple WiFi Profits Facebook group is a properly-moderated online community that encourages everyone to do their best.


    • Program Price: $1,497 may be an amount that some people can readily shell out, but it may not be the case for other interested affiliate marketers.
    • May Take More Time Than Expected: This isn’t really a “con” per se, but with the way they advertise their earnings or their students’ earnings, newcomers may expect that the results are going to be instant.

Is Simple WiFi Profits a Scam?

Simple WiFi Profits limited special offer screenshot

Judging from its sales page (and even the product’s clickbait-y name), it’s easy to dismiss Simple WiFi Profits as just another scammy product that only wants to take your money.

However, once you sign up for the program, you’ll know that the information is too valuable to be a scam. It isn’t made up of generic content that any good researcher can easily find on the internet.

There’s a lot to learn from Simple WiFi Profits, and from Chris and Andrew’s ongoing experience with affiliate marketing. It seems to provide good ROIs for its members, especially those who are putting in a good amount of effort.

Is this program REALLY worth it?

Entrepreneurs working on their laptop

If you’re like many beginners, you certainly wouldn’t think that $1,497 is cheap. Even if they do offer to divide your payments into 3 months, a $577 monthly payment can still look like a huge hurdle.

On the other hand, if you’ve been an affiliate marketer for quite a while, you may wonder if this can actually enrich your current knowledge.

As mentioned earlier, the whole program is constantly updated to integrate the latest trends and better marketing techniques. For the right person, Simple WiFi Profits may be worth it, but that all depends on your priorities.

For the most part, it does great at explaining the basics and the core principles of affiliate marketing, especially to newbies. Additionally, it may have a few tricks up its sleeve that even experienced affiliates may not have heard of before.

Final Thoughts

True to its name, Simple WiFi Profits is a program that can help you make huge profits, simply by having a computer and a stable wi-fi connection.

With 60+ modules to go through, each of which detailing how you can make the most out of Facebook ads, you’ll certainly learn a thing or two about converting views and clicks into sales.

If you have money to spare, and you’re really serious about learning affiliate marketing techniques, most reviews can attest that this is a good introductory course. The spending doesn’t end with buying the product, though.

It’s worth reiterating that gaining more usually means spending more, especially in the beginning. If you don’t think you’re ready for that, then Simple WiFi Profits may not be for you.

Overall, Simple WiFi Profits can be a beneficial tool in learning affiliate marketing hacks for Facebook, all without the unnecessary jargon and complex processes. Both beginners and experienced affiliate marketers alike will find value in the information presented in the modules.


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