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How does earning money for a living while being at the comfort of your home sound to you?

We’re not bluffing here, but in this modern world we’re in- everything, literally everything is possible now.

When you crave for something and do not have the energy to leave your couch, you can instantly have that stuff delivered right at your doorsteps in just a few taps on the screen.

Really easy. Right?

Well, that’s how most parts of technology work.

You can even earn bucks without having to do any hard works but the income keeps flowing.

In today’s article review, let us do the honor of showing you how that works through this program called “Shopifortunes“.

Ready to dive in?

(This is your link to join the program, by the way)

Shopifortunes- What is it Exactly?

Shopifortunes is an e-commerce store launch program that provides the users with everything they need to know regarding starting their own Shopify brand from scratch.

This program claims to be the “ultimate resource” for creating and successfully running your own Shopify business.

It’s quite hard when you just do it on your own without any knowledge about it whatsoever.

Hmm, but first,

What is Shopify and How Does it Work?

Shopify is a multinational e-commerce company that allows anyone to easily sell online and is often used for dropshipping.

It is a subscription to a software service that offers its users to create a website and use their shopping cart solution to sell, ship, and manage their products.

Users can easily get access to the admin panel where they can add or update products, process orders, and other vital parts like storing data.

Going back to Shopifortunes

It is said to be the “easiest way” to start an online business by creating a Shopify store.

The program is a comprehensive 6-part video tutorial mode that guides you through every single part of the launch process- from product research to heightening your store.

Shopifortunes was developed around the core money-making e-commerce principles used by “The Syndicate” which sounds to us like an illegal group of people doing illegal things. LOL!

The Syndicate” is a group of people, yes, but a secret one- an underground network of Shopify ‘super-earners’ that have “cracked the code” to quickly build an empire of well-off online stores.

How Does Shopifortunes Work?

Shopify may be used for dropshipping, but Shopifortunes can’t.

The course itself will tell you exactly how to dropship and provides materials that can be easily applied to your own dropshipping venture.

This program mainly focuses on how you can create your own business and finally start earning as early as possible.

Shopifortunes delivers the latest up-to-date procedures, techniques, and tactics for you to build your Shopify business quickly and safely and letting the profits roll in.

How does that sound?

Anyone who wants to start their online business can use the course since Shopifortunes is perfectly crafted that any users with the desire to join Shopify can benefit from.

But you might wanna take notes for this one…

Membership in Shopifortunes is limited, so if you want to be a part of this growing community, you might also want to check for available “seats” first before diving hastily, yeah?

What’s Inside the Program?

included in the course
Since Shopifortunes’ membership program is limited, new lucky members will receive a lot of limited cool gifts as a welcome token including Shopify templates, exclusive access to successful Shopify entrepreneurs’ private online networks, and a lot of other cool stuff.

Shopifortunes is broken down in 6 phases:

  • Phase 1: Defining Your Product
  • Phase 2: Building & Branding Your Online Store
  • Phase 3: Let’s Get Technical – A Guide to the Nitty-Gritty Details of Setting Up Shop
  • Phase 4: Building Buzz & Tapping Into Your Audience
  • Phase 5: Ready, Set, Launch! Finalizing Your Store to Prepare for Launch Day
  • Phase 6: Syndicate Secrets for Scaling to Success

Also according to the sales page, if you join Shopifortunes today, you will get access to the following elements:

  1. Simple plug-and-play to set up a Shopify store within minutes
  2. Autopilot hacks to manage multiple stores simultaneously
  3. 10+ hours of easy-to-follow online classes
  4. 6-figure scaling secrets from “The Syndicate” group
  5. An exclusive online community of successful entrepreneurs and marketing experts
  6. Downloadable work plans and personalized marketing plans
  7. Easy tips to bring in customers automatically without any costs
  8. Elite Mentorship package that includes 5 incredible bonuses

Once you’re inside, the course will start you off with 9 modules- each has multiple videos for each important topic.

  • Module 1: Shopifortunes Overview
  • Module 2: Shopify themes and how to implement them instantly and efficiently
  • Module 3: A tour of the apps along with an analysis of what will be beneficial for your startup store
  • Module 4: Product structure and options including how to create your own stocks (digital and/or physical); they also comprise combining your products with Amazon.
  • Module 5: Payment gateways and which are the simplest for your customers to use
  • Module 6: Email marking options including how to set up retargeting campaigns
  • Module 7: Social media integrations and promotional approaches
  • Module 8: Reports and analytics and how to generate valuable reports
  • Module 9: Demo site build so you can see how a store is made step by step
  • Bonus Module: Establishing profitable funnels

Get this, there are overall 10 hours of videos (combined) inside the program. So, it would only take a day to actually learn those stuff above?!? Really?! Huh.

Well, How Much Does it Cost?

Other reviews out there claim that Shopifortunes is the cheapest program there is, but we just can’t confirm that one yet.

It costs $37 and users will instantly have access to these tools:

access to shopifortunes tools

  • Shopifortunes Membership + Complete Course
  • Lifetime access to the entire Shopifortunes program including hours of video footage and exclusive bonuses
  • The secrets to developing your very own successful e-commerce stores- taught by world-class experts.

Well, should we move forward? We’re kind of stoked to introduce you to the creator of this program…

Tim Rose- The Creator

tim rose
The name sounds like a made-up name, but let’s just respect and leave it that way.

Tim Rose is a “proven 8-figure Shopify Superstar“, at least that’s how he was described on the sales page.

He was once a barista turned passionate, business-savvy entrepreneur ever thirsting for complete financial freedom. Well, who wouldn’t want that kind of freedom? Right?

He’s had his fair share of highs and lows and now that he reached the top, Tim is never going back down again.

That’s what his program is promising people- to have the actual financial freedom to do whatever the heck they want without worrying about anything anymore.

Sounds like a plan, if you ask us, but really, let’s be honest for a sec… it may sound effortless on your part, but believe us, there is no known profession and/or profitable activities that promise instant success overnight.

Shopifortunes might have “instant access” to everything Shopify-related, but it sure does not have “instant access” to success. We should work hard for our goals!

Not that we’re dismissing Tim’s claims and whatnot but we’re just keeping it real with you all. ‘We good?



  • Instant access
  • Cheap
  • Up-to-date strategies
  • Convenient
  • Easy-to-follow guide
  • Developed by a well-versed entrepreneur
  • Get lifetime access to Shopifortunes
  • Downloadable and can be easily accessed
  • Dropshipping
  • Lower startup capital
  • Exclusive community
  • 60-day money-back guaranteed60-day money-back guaranteed


  • A little overwhelming for beginners
  • Less control over the transfer process

Is it a Scam?

If you’ve just spent the last hours searching through Google about Shopifortunes and why is it a scam, you came to the wrong review. Tee hee.

We believe that this program is legit. Tim might be using a pen name, but his course sure isn’t a scam, it has a face and has proven its effectivity.

We really can’t tell you much about whether it’s good for you, since we really don’t you know personally but if you’ve been dreaming to be an online marketer/businessperson, think of this as your calling.

You must be reminded, though, that we’re not trying to push you into getting the program whatsoever, whatever you decide at the end of this review, that’s on you.

We’re just here to guide you and hope that our opinion will at least try to ease your mind for you to make better decisions that you will not regret after some time.

Shopifortunes sure can be a part of reaching our goals, but we don’t believe that we’ll just let it work for reaching those purposes. Correct?

Of course, we have to put in the work. 😉

How much does it cost


Another day, another review is done!

We truly hope that we didn’t sway any judgments you might’ve had with you today, and if we did, we hope it’s on the right path. Hehe!

Once you finally figured out what course to get, whether it’s a Shopifortunes or the other ones, we’d love to hear your story about them. We always do.

If you plan to get Shopifortunes regardless, then we’re glad if we have somehow been of help. Or are we not? Hmmm

Well, we sure had a lot of fun telling you a story through writing a review. How was it? Care to share your thoughts with us? Drop them in the comments section below! 🙂

(This is your link to join the program, by the way)

Until our next product review, folks! Any suggestions on what to write about next?


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