Quit 9 to 5 Academy REVIEW: Gets Results or NOT?!

Nick Torson from Quit 9 to 5 Academy

Quit 9 to 5 Academy review seeks to look entirely at this unique affiliate training program. The program has not only got the internet paying attention, but the affiliate marketing industry talking.

(Note: I’m a member myself, so if you are going to join and want some help taking the program into practice let me know in the comments… I can give you a hand)

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What Is It, Exactly?

Created by Mark Ling and Nick Torson, Quit 9 to 5 Academy is a marketing program that incorporates unique and powerful marketing strategies.

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Enrolled students are taught a number of tried and tested techniques of creating marketing campaigns right from scratch.

Students under this program are equipped with highly profitable marketing strategies and modules, that users can integrate and apply them to create sustained growth into their business.

For users who already have established businesses, the program is tailored in such a way that it accelerates overall growth of their affiliate marketing business.

This program is also linked to a Facebook group where users can join into discussion groups, but also get the much-needed support, brainstorm, and share their success stories.

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What’s Inside (Modules, Courses?)

There are 6 modules in Quit 9 to 5 Academy. The aim is to teach and equip learners with the very basic in skills, and knowledge in affiliate marketing.

The course also incorporates unique secrets, tips, and tricks to make your affiliate marking journey as workable and profitable as possible.

The reason it more successful is that it factors in the basics; starting with the target group from scratch, and helping them to progress upwards with more advanced techniques.

Basically, it targets beginners who want to do affiliate marketing, but have no previous knowledge in that area.

At the same time, experienced affiliate marketers can also enroll and make use of the methodologies to make their business grow to higher levels.

Module 1: introduction Beginners Quick-start

This module comes with all the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and introduces students to the worldwide world of digital marketing. Some of the topics that are covered in this module are as follows:

– It defines Affiliate Marketing

– How affiliate marketing Works & What’s In It For the user

– How to Start Out On Top – 800 Ad Accounts

-Introduces you to Your First Offer To Promote

– It Shows What’s Proven & Already Working

– Elaborates ways to Effortlessly Set Up Your First Money Making Funnel

– Its Shows The Secrets To Tracking

Module 2: Study of Facebook Advertising Fundamentals

The topics in this module open you up to the basics of using Facebook to make money. For instance, you acquire skills on how to use Facebook ads as well Facebook pixels to see desirable results. The topics that are covered in this module include:

– The study of: Guide To Facebook Advertising

– Learning about one’s Private Auctions Hunter / Facebook’s Pixel

– Study of the structure of Proper Campaigns

– The use of The Existing Pages post

– How to create the best (Images and Video) For Your Ads

– Learning of The Compliance (Affiliate FB) Secrets

– How to Ad the Copy (Of the headlines & Also Body Text) For Those ads

– Study of The Phase 1: (Including the testing Of New Ads)

– How to create Your Money Making The Ad.

Module 3: Study on Data and Reporting

It is an important area of study where you learn more about reporting and using the same data to understand and grow your business. The topics covered under this module are as follows:

– Study about Facebook Analytics

– Learn more about Deep Dive Into Reporting

– How to know Your Numbers With Reports

– Study of Phase 2 (Verify & Scale)

MODULE 4: Scaling up the Winning Ads

This module comes with a number of skills such as how to verify an ad, and how to tell that it has potential. The following are topics under this module:

– Study on how to Perfectly “Verify” any Winning Ad

– Learning how to “Scale” A Winning Ad

– Introduces you on Ways of The Manual Bid Activity

– Equips you with strategies Of manul bid actions

– Study about 15-50% Rule of Scaling

– Learn about What Should be done and What Not To Do When Scaling

MODULE 5: Study on Advanced Strategies

After the learning the basics of how to grow and enrich your affiliate marketing business, module 5 introduces you to even more advanced techniques that will place you on the forefront for growth and expansion. The topics that are covered in the module are:

– More about Retargeting and Custom Audiences

– How to Get Started With Messenger

– Learning more about Messenger Automation and how to Grow Your Messenger Audience

MODULE 6: Other Useful Traffic Platforms

This module covers all the necessary fundamentals which have to do with manual bidding; you also are equipped with advanced bidding strategies. The main topics covered in this module include:

– An Introduction To Manual Bidding

– Other effective Manual Bidding Strategies

– Study about The 20% Scaling Formula

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Why Is It Different?

The program itself is outstanding as it lets it students to grow with it and allows them to master it, gradually. It targets people from all walks of life, and all backgrounds.

Whether you’re just starting out or you have been in affiliate marketing and you would like to refresh, this system is for you.

It does not matter that you have no initial knowledge of affiliate marketing; this course is tailored to start with you right from scratch. For instance, here’s a great resource to find the right affiliate network for you… which is the first step to get started.

The whole course factors in your needs and builds up your level of confidence, which you require to start making money in affiliate marketing.

Again, the system is so distinct because of its equally unique teaching methodologies. The course creators understand what the students need and upload relevant course materials in a way that works effectively for the learners.

The templates which come with this course help the students to start getting profits quite quickly; so while you are learning, you are also earning. Quitting your nine to five job does not have to be too long of a process.

As a user, you also gain access to the private Facebook group, where you link up with others of like-mind, and share ideas. The group works as an effective eye opener as you learn how others are doing.

Through the Facebook group, you also get to attend live Q&A sessions each Wednesday afternoon, and you also get deeper secrets and tricks on how to run successful money-making campaigns on Facebook.

This method also comes with weekly funnel hacking, in which the creator of the program hosts live sessions on funnel hacking. The great thing with this sessions is that you are equipped with tips on how to create profitable funnels, and you can also learn from others who came before you.

Again users benefit from landing pages which convert; the pages are uploaded in the academy and it’s up to the users to make use of them for their own benefit

Also, students get to learn more about credit score secrets which are essential for healthy business. More about affiliation marketing.

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What’s the Potential of This Method?

The Quit 9 to 5 Academy comes with highly experienced creators who understand the needs of people wanting to join affiliate marketing.

The fact that it teaches people how to start from the scratch, means that anybody who is interested can join and there are no restrictions.

The topics are well illustrated and can be understood by most people.
In addition, this program is a worldwide program. It, therefore, has the capacity to cater for as many people as possible, across the world.

This program takes into consideration the fact that many people want to make money and profits online, but they do not have the basic skills, and its what the program addresses.

Why Does It Work?

Some of the advantages of this program include:

  • It works for all kinds of people, including both the experienced as well as beginners.
  • Facebook private group allows the users to join in the discussions, brainstorming, live sessions as well as sharing of success stories which encourage and amplify on the level of confidence.
  • The trainers are both experienced and specialized; they are also highly successful marketers who serve as an example.
  • The program allows users to learn and start earning as quickly as possible using the unique methodologies
  • Weekly webinars are available, which allows students to interact with the creators and learn time-tested secrets and tips on how to be make money in affiliate marketing.
Mark Ling from quit 9 to 5 academy
Quit nine to five review

Who’s behind and why should you Trust Them?

The creators of this program are Mark Ling and Nick Torson. Mark is also the co-founder of Salehoo, and out of his creative ways has managed to make millions on the online platform. Mark has always been one of the key players in affiliate marketing, and he has lots of experience in this field. He is also the creator of highly successful affiliate marketing programs including:

– AffiloJetpack and AffiloBlueprint

– AffiloTools and Affilorama

On the other hand, Nick Torson comes with great experience in online marketing. He has the passion to train people from all walks of life earn a living in affiliate marketing. These two co-creators, therefore, come with a big name, authority, and experience in affiliate marketing.

They know what exactly they are talking about because they started from scratch and learned the hard way to reach where they are.

They possess all the secrets, and the skills to make it work, and if there is any learning you have to do, then you will just be learning from the industry’s best.

Again the fact that they boast o earlier successful programs such Affilorama, means that this will equally follow the same path of growth and success.

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What Do People Who Have Joined Say?

People who joined Mark’s previous programs say how unique and promising this is. Reviews are very positive overall. It’s one of the most newbie-friendly and promising programs which allow you to learn and earn at the same time.

They urge people to definitely give it a try. Reason is, the instructional methodology, tips and tricks work in no time for people who want to start making quick money online.


Quit 9 to 5 Academy remains one of the most effective training programs that is worth a try. The fact that it is run by some of the big names within the industry makes it very, very interesting in my opinion.

Other than that, the methodologies are designed in such a way that even beginners can start earning DURING the process of learning.

*** Here’s where you can join Quit 9 to 5 Academy at the cheapest possible price available. There are 3 options in there. Have fun!



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