Parallel Profits REVIEW + Gets me real results or not?

Reviews of Parallel Profits

Welcome to my Parallel Profits review.

My purpose here is to help you make a buy/not buy decision.

I’m going to be reviewing this program from an unbiased standpoint, collecting every piece of information that I can find which I think can be helpful to you when deciding if you want to sign up for P.P. or not. 

What are your options if you’re trying to generate income online without much effort or investment? Well it’s all ultimately going to come down to competition.

Where do you have a competitive advantage that’s good enough to do a better job than your competition?

    1. Are you a great storyteller? Try the art of “copywriting”.
    2. Are you a great persuader? Be the guy who provides webinars or selling pitches to the people who own the big traffic lists.
    3. A technician perhaps? You could help people make their sites work better and improve their rankings in the process.

There’s always a way to achieve profit and real results in the online marketing industry.

The people behind Parallel Profits

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the authors of this program. They are known for one of the biggest, if not the biggest, launch ever in the Internet Marketing industry: The 7 Figure Cycle.

I’ve written a whole review article in the past about this program. It made a killing and helped lots of people generate an income online. It was all about finding incredible product opportunities which you could then sell to a certain audience within the Amazon platform.

For example, people searching for a certain product weren’t getting what they really wanted? you could detect that thanks to their training and buy it from a supplier somewhere in your country and sell it for a profit to that untapped audience.

Their previous work was getting awesome reviews long after, so be ready!


New online income added

What is Parallel Profits?

Parallel Profits is a program that teaches how to find the right local businesses and sell them online services that you can outsource, as you work with a team that acts as a franchise.

Two genius innovators, Aidan Booth, and Steve Clayton have come up with a unique business model that looks to train and show people how they can make a good living online by leveraging their expertise.

The Parallel Profits hence is a course scheduled to launch on January 29th, 2019. With a few more weeks to go there’s already rumbling under the ground in anticipation of the launch.

But what is so intriguing about this course? Why should you take up this course? Why should you not just go ahead and learn how to market online by yourself?

Outsourcing in a franchise

Well, to answer all your concerns, it is no small matter to be able to rake in a hundred thousand dollars in a year. If you hear that someone is willing to show you how then you have to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity to change your life for good.

There are three major benefits for entering Steve’s and Aidan’s training. These include;

  1. The trainees won’t be limited by their level of experience or expertise when it comes to offering their services to those local companies they are successfully able to market to. There’s a separate, able and equipped team that is ready to take over from you and handle the difficult part either by outsourcing these services or by performing the services.
  2. You will be part of a hardworking team and can start working right after you finish the course. The good thing about this is that you do not need to build your own website, neither do you need a domain name nor have to create a brand in order to start. Everything is already prepared for you. Your job is to start making sales and watch your efforts get rewarded abundantly.
  3. A lead generation system means that the trainees do not have to interact directly or be present when dealing with clients. All they have to do is follow a simple process and the client capture system handles everything else.

What makes it even more unbelievable is that 7 clients alone are enough for you to be able to reach the target of hitting $100,000 a year.

More on Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

As previously mentioned, these are not new names in the web marketing arena. Both Aidan and Steve are the brains behind highly successful coaching programs like;

  • 100K Factory
  • 7 Figure Cycle
  • SEM Business Blueprint

All of the above courses did incredibly well and by far surpassed the expectations of everyone who took part in the programs. This forms a very strong basis behind why many are counting the days until the Parallel Profits program launch date is here.

For years, Aidan and Steve have proved that they are worth their weight in the web marketing platform, not just with their courses but by being able to show Consistency + Results in each new course they introduce.

Many can attest to now enjoying better lives working as Internet marketers. Alternatively, countless local businesses continue to reap the benefits and grow all thanks to previous courses unveiled by Aidan and Steve.

What did people think after joining and implementing their previous courses?

In other words, are there any real Parallel Profits reviews already?

Legit Reviews

Ok, it hasn’t even been released yet so we’ll have to wait for that, hopefully you’ll be part of the early adopters and you’ll let us know your opinion and feedback in the comments. In the meantime, this is what we CAN say:

Countless magazines, newspapers, blogs, and individuals have written extensively about Aidan and Steve’s former courses. With so much to read and look through, it seems everyone is speaking in one common voice. This, in agreement that these are good courses.

These are courses that have positively impacted thousands upon thousands of people directly or indirectly. They present solutions for local businesses and provide a solid source of income for trainees… if you make a google search, you just won’t find any scam alerts.

With many people developing and unveiling numerous get rich quick programs and charging very low rates to access. People gather in their hundreds or even thousands to purchase these courses only for them to later realize that it was a scam. It is therefore understandable that many may be reluctant to try any new course.

Are you are that local business or company that is trying to establish whether or not you need online marketing services? Many businesses fail to get results not because they do not have the right products or services but because no one knows about them.

Failure in Business

By partnering with acclaimed web marketers like Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, you seize the opportunity to see your company grow in leaps and bounds within a relatively short period of time.

On the other hand, if you are that person trying to get into business but keep failing miserably or you are that person who wants to develop a business that is not complicated then the Parallel Profits system is meant just for you.

Why it works

For many businesses, start-up or established, marketing is key. That people are able to recognize your brand and know about your product makes all the difference. Nevertheless, some businesses continue to struggle owing to poor marketing strategies.

But with numerous marketing options to choose from, how do you know which one is guaranteed to work best for a business? Of all marketing ways available, one seems to stand out.

Internet marketing is fast taking over the sector and becoming the go to strategy for any business looking to positively influence their bottom line.

If you are looking to establish a serious career into internet marketing, this program is your best bet towards success and financial stability.

SUMMARY. Conclusion

As you can probably tell, I’m very enthusiastic about this, results from their previous work has been amazing and I can’t wait to sign up.

is probably going to be good for you if you’re interested in becoming an online entrepreneur without having to invest a lot of time.

Most of the effort and trial and error can be skipped, but you’ll obviously have to pay for it. So, you’re exchanging one thing for the other. This is where Aidan and Steve excel.

This will be updated as new info comes out. For now, I think with “parallel profits” they may refer to imitating someone else’s business model. Sort of like a franchise. Reproducing it, that is.

This is a common practice in trading, where people automatically clone the operations of other successful guys, but we’ll see!


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