Fred Lam’s LEADS HUNTER: My quick Review …

leads hunter

Are you the type of person who buys everything they see online only to realize, you don’t need it later on?

Raise your hands!

To be honest, I am guilty of that. Whenever I see something that catches my attention, my initial thought is to “add to cart.” Then eventually, I’ll come to realize why did I even bother buying that? I know you all can relate to me for sure.

With us living in the digital age, it is no wonder how online shopping has become a part of our lives. It’s easy, convenient, and you can shop without even having to step out of the comfort of your homes.

Have you ever thought about what drives you to buy something? Besides being it a necessity, do you know what made you catch your attention on a particular product?

Lead generation has something to do with how you become interested in a specific product. To simplify, this is the same reason why you probably have stumbled here in my review. It’s because you are interested, right? So that makes you the LEAD.

Don’t you worry because here at WAH Pursuit, I will tell you all things you need to know about Leads Hunter by Fred Lam. It will be launched in November 2020.

I hope by the end of this review, you already got a glimpse of what the program is really about. Moreover, this would help you decide on whether to purchase or not.

What is Leads Hunter?

leads hunter review

Leads Hunter as what their name meant, literally is a group of people who will help you get or hunt for your target leads without even having to do literally, anything. They are the ones who will do all the work to make your business grow in the competitive market.

According to their official website, it is a brigade of highly trained lead generation specialists who are dedicated to delivering targeted leads to grow your business competitively.

As the advertising industry continues to rise and develop together with the introduction of automation technology, lead generation has become more complicated. Many businesses are having a hard time managing and generating their leads. This is due to a lack of workforce, time, and budget.

Most of the businesses lack the right skills, knowledge, and the right people to gain access to an effective lead generation.

This is the mission of Leads Hunter, to disrupt traditional advertising with a new and streamlines SPEAR approach for Lead Generation.

Gone are the days where having not enough leads stresses you out. Upon availing their services, their group of Certified Leads Generation Specialists will do all the troublesome work for you.

But wait there’s more.

certified leads hunter

You. Yes, you! You can become a Certified LeadsHunter yourself. By availing their course, you will gain expertise in their dropship lead system. But mind you, they will only accept 50 STUDENTS.

What is SPEAR Approach?

You are probably wondering what they meant by using SPEAR, right?

spear approach

  • Strategize –  They begin by strategizing before taking action. They start by identifying who might be their possible customers are. Then, they will start to analyze and understand the client’s needs and interests to make them see how you can be the solution to their problems.
  • Plan – It is essential in any business to always plan. Every client has different needs and interests. This step is focused on making customized advertising strategy for every individual. You must make them see what your edge among other competitors is.
  • Execute – After planning and strategizing, you can now execute a targeted advertising campaign to your prospective leads. This is done by formulating the perfect narrative to attract leads and making them trust your brand.
  • Analyze – The next step is the analysis of the campaign data to help you gain more leads. This is done to ensure the increase in your chances of making a sale for your business.
  • Repeat – Based on the data, they will now repeat the process based on what works for your business. You can now focus your time improving your business while LeadsHunter provides you with a steady stream of sales.

You might be wondering who is the one behind all of that. I mean, we need to make sure this is not a scam, right?

Who is Fred Lam?

fred lam review

His story might be the typical rags to riches you often heard.

He came from being a dishwasher to generating $40 million in income through his online career. Fred Lam is the founder and CEO of Leads Hunter along with iPro Academy, Zero Up, Water Liberty, and many other ventures. All with the same goal – to empower and inspire people with online business opportunities.

He is also the author of his best-selling book entitled, The Traffic Trilogy. Hence, it proves how effective he is as an online entrepreneur.

Today, Fred spends his time teaching people how to create their own online e-commerce business. Moreover, he provides step-by-step guides that are all easy to follow. His main goal is to make people, especially his students, maximize and grow their profits up to six figures or more.

As someone who came from a not-so-good life, he knows the struggle some of us are facing. That is why he never forgets to give back. Water Liberty which is one of his businesses, has been working with two charities ever since. They were able to build wells for a community of 400 people and complete a water project in India. Furthermore, as of June 2018, they planted over 175,761 trees and still counting.

fred lam youtube

Apart from that, he also makes YouTube videos from time to time. He uses his platform to reach a wider audience and help them learn about online marketing. As of today, he has almost 90K subscribers with nearly a total of 4 million views.

What does the program offer? How much is it?

To be honest, there are still a lot of things that I can share about what LeadsHunter truly is, but this would take us a few years to finish. Kidding 🙂

So to make it short, I’ll just provide you with an overview of the program and the necessary details you need to know.

In order to become a Certified LeadsHunter, you have two options to pay for the program. You can opt to pay a one-time payment for $1,497 or choose three-time payment for $597. Both, of course, are entitled to the following perks to help you improve your business.

leads hunter price

  1. Complete Training Access To Dropship Lead Academy
  2. 7-weeks of LIVE Coaching Call with them & become a certified LeadsHunter
  3. The 7-Figure LeadsHunter Sales Deck
  4. Have your NAME on the LeadsHunter’s Directory as a Prestige LeadsHunter
  5. Private Invitation to their Global Community
  6. Licensed LeadsTunnel Agent to earn Lifetime Commissions
  7. ONE Done-For-Your Facebook Lead Ads Campaign

I will not go on further to explain it one by one. But, if you want to know more about those you can always check their official website.

Final Thoughts

Those are only a glimpse of what their program offers. Upon visiting their website, you can see more about the perks and benefits you will get at LeadsHunter.

Who is this program for?

This program is basically for everyone, especially for online marketers. This would also be beneficial for those businesses that lack the right skill and knowledge on lead generation.

Should I Buy?

Of course, the final decision is truly up to you. But if you were to ask me, I think this program is not that bad. I mean, they just want to become helpful for those who are struggling with their business. Besides, Fred Lam’s main goal for this program is to make other people grow their business as well.

Anyway, you still have a few more months to decide. I know, this review is kind of short but I promise to add more details upon its launch in November. So make sure to come back here, okay? 🙂



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