REVIEW of Knowledge Broker Blueprint; the real Tony Robbins

The Knowledge Business Blueprint by Tony Robbins

Have you ever asked yourself how some people become so successful and wealthy yet you seem to do everything right and cannot become as prosperous as they are?

How do some people stay wealthy and take their businesses to completely new levels when others struggle to get their startups off the ground?

Well, the KBB revolution is all about making self-education the new norm. It’s about sharing your experience with those who need it and building a business from that, rather than solely relying on the education system.

How do some people make their brands become so sought after? We tend to reflect on these questions when things are not going our way…

This is where you can join the Knowledge Broker Blueprint… I think it’s well worth it! And that’s the best and most affordable place to sign up

It is NOT a wonder why some successful and wealthy people continue to thrive while others give up after a few trials. Truth is, the majority of them have a supportive network behind their success and wealth.

The people they surround themselves with have a lot to do with their success. Do not involve yourself with people that will not help you find your true calling or your right path, because chances are you will not succeed. This is where The Masterminds come into play (Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, also recently joined by Russell Brunson).

Educate online


Should you join this program?

Since the internet came into being, there is always a program or the other giving guidelines on how to succeed in business, education, love, marriage and anything by tapping into your inner power. While some of the programs work, others are just a big joke. With the program launching soon, you may ask yourself if it is just like every other get rich quick program or if it really works.

Many people have varying reasons for using the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB for short) to make a breakthrough in their businesses. One of the reasons why it makes the perfect plan for many people is because it measures their long term and short-term goals. It focuses on what they want to achieve and what they can do to achieve what they want.

Key Takeaway: KBB is about extracting one’s knowledge on a given topic and “selling” it to others through online courses, livecasts, masterminds… it is calculated that $4,000 is spent EACH SECOND in online education.

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The formula has a lot of expertise advice on how anyone can succeed in business whether they are setting up a startup or they have been in business for a long rime. Everyone’s aim is to succeed and that is what the Knowledge Broker Blueprint focuses on.

KBB provides solutions to the problems you may come across every day in your business. Some of the problems that hinder you from becoming a success may be unknown to you and that is why the mastermind formula will help you overcome them. The formula is not just another internet problem solving gimmick, but it is a solution by a great group made up of experts that came together to help you achieve your goals.

Dean Graziosi review

Video: Graziosi’s Top 10 rules (passion!)

Knowledge Broker Blueprint does not only help to solve problems that may hinder you from succeeding but it also makes you grow your business easier, faster and more effectively. It uses the effectiveness of other like-minded groups to help you realise your dreams. It opens you up to the possibilities a mastermind group can do to help you achieve your business goals if you make it your support network. It helps you to use a mastermind as your business leverage to succeed.

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Who are the creators of The Knowledge Broker Blueprint and Mindmint Software?

Some people may have heard of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. They are great authors, entrepreneurs, investors, self-development experts, and life and business strategists. They collaborated to create Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

Who's behind the Knowledge Business Blueprint?

The two together with a third partner Russell Brunson, who created the Mindmint Software, are where they are and what they are today because of the power of mastermind groups. They use the same knowledge that has made them millionaires to help others achieve the same goals. The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a course that will change your life. Both Tony and Dean have changed many people’s lives from all over the world with their self-development products.

This is where you can join the Knowledge Broker Blueprint… I think you’ll love it when you get in and learn what your first action steps are!!

…and THAT’s the best and most AFFORDABLE place to sign up…

How does it work?

KBB is a course that teaches you different ways of making your own masterminds using the Mindmint Software. The course further teaches you how to use the expertise that you garner to get followers and convince them to buy the software and the complete mastermind formula course. This will help to generate some income to you and to your followers.

what you can do with your knowledge

The Mindmint Software, built by the team helps you to take care of any complexities that you may come across in your quest to attaining success and it shows you how to share your masterminds with your followers. To cut a long story short, the software is the platform that you will use during the course to collect your masterminds and share the same with your followers… a more detailed review of Mindmint is coming.

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Who is eligible to use the masterminds?

Now comes one of the biggest question. Do I qualify to use masterminds? The formula is for people in businesses or those thinking or starting a business. This is because business, unlike very other fields comes with many downfalls. Too many people fail in business when they are still trying to get off the ground. One reason for this is that there are many things that they overlook and fail to address. The mastermind groups can help you to change the way you have been doing things and start making progress.

Who is this for?

Masterminds are also great for affiliates and influencers. Majority of these are not necessarily in business but they have the knowledge and skills of connecting with people and promoting the software using their influential skills. Influencers and affiliates can make commission and profits by urging people to buy the software and directing them to the livecast of the course. The more people they send to the livecast, the more profit they make especially after the launch of the program on February 27th.

Does the program come with any special offers?

One of the things that entice people to buy any new program is the offers that come with it. People that earn top ranks after joining the program will get special offers that include, private mentoring by the top partners, Tony and Dean at their Fiji private resort. This is a big thing because being mentored by the best is one sure way of becoming a success.

The particular mastermind group that you join gives you a kit to help you to build an effective program / course / livecast of your own. You will get all the Mindmint Software tools to help lay out a systematic process for the creation of a mastermind group.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

With every new program in the market, there is always the good and the bad. This new program is no exception and before you go ahead to join the program, you need to learn what you will be getting yourself into.


  • It is a successful program for those looking for ways to share their knowledge and make money out of it.
  • For anyone that wants to promote the Mindmint Software and extract masterminds, the course is easy to understand.
  • The course gives you many avenues to connect with your followers by giving you all the basics you need. It also gives you all the tricks and opportunities to use in order to make your audience join your programs or masterminds.
  • For the affiliate people, the program is a great way to expand their opportunities. They make commissions and profit from the sales they make.
  • There is very little competition in the market as not many people are doing the mastermind program yet so if you are among the first ones, you could benefit more.
  • The program benefits everyone including the attendees, influencers and you.
  • The program is a creation of highly respected and experienced people who use their knowledge to help others like you and I. The three partners are Tony, Dean and Russell.
  • The program has special gifts and offers built by Tony and Dean for the top partners


  • The course is not free and for some people it may seem costly. In order to start making money from the program, you need to purchase the complete course and the software. The whole package goes for almost $2,000.
  • Not much is known about what will happen after the launch on Feb 27th. The information on whether people will be in a position to invite more followers after that is still sketchy and everyone can only wait to know what will happen after the launch.

Wrapping it up

Though the internet is full of programs that give you many opportunities to earn a living and share your knowledge, I must admit that this is a winner and it offers much more than many others do.

Like everyone else, I have to wait until after the launch on February 27th to see how effective it will be and I will be following your reviews on the same. However, I have no doubt that it is a unique program that works.

This is where you can join the Knowledge Broker Blueprint… I think it’s well worth it! And that’s the best and most affordable place to sign up

The program seems like an amazing choice to make a living in the self-education world and promote others as well. I know that I will try out this course to gain experience and share my knowledge.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions… I now know even more about the KBB method than I did when I wrote this review.



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