Super Affiliate System REVIEW… is Crestani credible?!

A Review of Internet Jetset

If you have ever searched for affiliate marketing training on the internet, you probably came across ‘Super Affiliate System 2.0’ by the renown affiliate marketer, John Crestani.

And since the online world is flooded with scams, you may have wondered whether it is the real deal or not.

But worry not, I am here to tell you all about this training program.

In this Super Affiliate System review, we will dive into the details of the course and its training as well as the program’s creator, John Crestani.

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What is it, exactly?

SAS is a proven methodology, a coaching center and a community that teaches you how to build a successful online business through affiliate marketing.

The course trains you on how to leverage free and paid traffic methods to promote affiliate offers on YouTube, Facebook, Google and others.

  • 2019 Update: The whole system is now bundled up along with “The Internet Jetset”, we may use both names indistinguishably.
  • If you’re here simply looking to buy SAS, you’ll find a few useful links below in the final conclusion. I know of various payment plans…
Internet Jetset reviews
SAS Review

John Crestani

Before getting to the details of Internet Jetset, let’s first talk about the man behind this powerful training program. John Crestani is a great affiliate marketer. He started working for advertising agencies as a college dropout and later transitioned the skills he gained to affiliate marketing.

Other than Internet Jetset, John Crestani is also the founder of Super Affiliate System and AC Nutryst, an affiliate network that specializes in nutraceuticals.

John has been featured in major publications like Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Forbes Magazine, Inc Magazine and Home Business Mug. You can’t be featured on such publications if you are illegitimate.

John Crestani from Internet Jetset

John is one of the most transparent online affiliate marketing trainers. He shows his results and numbers clearly in his webinars and courses.More importantly, John has a track record of success in couching and training affiliate marketing. He has helped dozens of people become successful affiliates and super affiliates.

So… how is Internet Jetset different from other affiliate marketing training courses?

At the end of every video, users are required to complete an assignment. And you don’t have a choice here because the system checks to confirm whether you have done the assignment.

John figured out the trick; you must take action to make a profit. If you learn a lot but fail to take any action, you will not have made any difference to your current situation. Completing assignments after every video allows you to put what you have just learned into action.

Review of Super Affiliate System
Insider look into the Super Affiliate System

A look into what you get from the core course

The course contains several modules. Every module has videos, links, resources and assignments. The modules are arranged systematically to ensure you are going in the right direction, right from the start.

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This is a simplified breakdown of the different modules:

1. Online Business Blueprint

Here, John introduces affiliate marketing. He lays down basic concepts for making money online; these are aimed at people who are new to the online world.

2. Introduction to Internet Jetset

This module explains the psychology behind building a successful online business. It has such videos as, how to defeat shiny object syndrome, why people fail and overcoming limiting beliefs. They are designed to strengthen your mindset and show you that making it in affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be hard.

3. Choosing your niche

In this module, John uses both text and video to share his story and teach how one can choose a niche; with examples of different niches that one can choose from. He also gives recommendations on the best affiliate programs, from low to medium and high commission, that you can join in your niche.

4. Google

The module focuses on getting free Google traffic with good SEO practices and proper use of keywords. John gives some valuable insights here; including an advanced keyword trick that will give you great results.
However, the module doesn’t contain basic SEO training. SEO is a complex topic and beginners may get stuck here.

5. YouTube

This module covers everything you need to know about getting traffic on YouTube. Step-by-step, John teaches you how to upload a video, create an impressive custom thumbnail and write video descriptions that sell. He also provides a guideline on how to make all your videos relevant. John has many videos with thousands of views and he teaches this from personal experience.

6. Facebook

Facebook has been evolving over the years and paid advertisements is the latest trend. Facebook disqualified brands and fan pages as a priority in people’s news feed. John gives some brilliant ideas on getting free Facebook traffic but also makes it clear that the only sure way to get Facebook traffic is paying for ads. He advises that a smart marketer should build their own site instead of using social media to draw their audience.

7. Website

This module is delivered by Ashley B. Coombe and contains a lot of information on building a website. It has 15 videos, which provide a step-by-step guide to creating your own WordPress site. Ashley explains everything you need to know about blogging for your online business.

8. Copywriting basics

Here, you will learn the secrets of preparing highly influential, lucrative copy. Great copies can be a big game changer for any online affiliate marketer.

9. Launch jacking

This module is a bonus that is given for the Internet Jetset course. You will uncover great strategies and tactics on taking advantage of launches to promote your sales.

10. Authority review sites

It’s another bonus module taught by Donnic Gamble. He trains online marketers how to choose profitable affiliate offers and generate revenue from them.

11. Facebook ads for affiliates

As we have already seen above, the best way of getting traffic and making sales on Facebook is paying for ads. In this module, you will learn how to create Facebook ads and use them to get traffic.

Facebook ads course

John and the colleagues he features in the Internet Jetset are all super affiliates who make millions online. After going through this course, you will understand why these marketers are making so much money.

There are upsells for those who want additional help and information. The upsells include; the 12-week super affiliate system, Jetset live webinars and Jetset Xtreme members.

These extra products are not mandatory to achieve everything that the program promisess, but even though they are optional, you should consider buying them if you are in a position to.

Whether you are using free or paid traffic-generating methods, the Internet Jetset offers the foundational AND advanced skills to make a good living online. It’s up to you to take action and persevere, as there will always be obstacles along the way.

Who is the Super Affiliate System for?

Now, we can say that the course is best suited for newbies but it also has valuable insights that can help most affiliate marketers out there. Some people study affiliate marketing for a few months and assume they have gained all the necessary knowledge. But learning never ends!

If you are new to this industry or you have never made more than $1000 in a week even after doing affiliate marketing for more than 6 months, this is a course for you.

But people with a deep understanding of the topic, affiliate marketing, won’t gain much from this course. The up-sells, on the other hand, provide value for virtually every marketer.

What do its members say after having tried it?

A significant number of people have come out saying how impressed they are after making good money with the affiliate marketing strategies from the Super Affiliate System.

You can find people’s honest feedback in this Facebook group or throughout the Internet (forums specially, you can ask).

This review itself is another example of a positive opinion.

He also has a Youtube channel where he uploads VERY informative videos. You can read what people think in the comments.

Customers also appreciate the fact that John Crestani is an excellent speaker who delivers relevant, thorough lessons.

Earn with Google Ads

Is SAS a scam?

John teaches the course from a point of experience and heavily insists that users take action. He does not abandon you after buying the course, instead, he offers close support to customers… I think that says a lot.

Since the course is done online, the extent of your understanding depends on how effectively you study the contents.

– PROS –

  1. John is very active- At times you pay for a program where you will never hear from the owner. John is always offering training, contributing to discussions and providing support on different channels.
  2. It has a good step-by-step training, delivered through videos to make it easier for everyone to understand.
  3. It teaches you to generate free traffic unlike most programs which only deal with paid traffic.
  4. Contains some unique information that is not available in other programs within the same price range.

– CONS –

  1. The course is quite small.
  2. It contains solid information for new and experienced affiliate marketers but is lacking valuable insights for those at the middle.
  3. There are affiliate links, up-sells and invites everywhere.

Passive income online

Which is the best alternative for SAS?

Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best alternative training program. It’s a famous platform that’s really a step-by-step guide on building and promoting affiliate campaigns from scratch.

It will train you to become a successful marketer and build an authoritative site that search engines love.

(Questions about this Super Affiliate System review? Ask in the comments)

Final Verdict

I hope this SAS / Internet Jetset review will help you decide whether this is the right program for you or not.

To me, it’s a productive, legit training program that will help you earn a living online as long as you avoid “procrastination”… Get in there and apply the lessons.

However, be careful not to be distracted by the affiliate links or invites and end up spending more money that you should.

Overall, if you want to become one of the so-called Super Affiliates, the whole thing is worth it.

— If you want to buy SAS, here’s the best link to do it: SAS1

There’s also a way to break the payment down into 3 monthly ones: HERE, the page may look the same but when you click the “Join Now” button you’ll see a different price in the order form.

Best of luck with it.



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  1. How much are you being paid to say all of these great things about John? Because I too can honestly state that EVERYTHING, you have stated is true! In my researching,( while myself being absolutely nobody, but a previously scammed customer) his videos, his products, the facts he has presented. All produce REAL Results! This I can attest to! That’s why I am telling my people to give him a try, if you want to see success!

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