Facebook Ads University REVIEW – Works or NOT?!

Facebook Ads University

Facebook Ads University is a brand new course that teaches how to master this powerful source of paid traffic and drive unlimited visitors to your online business.

Not much is known yet, so we’ll be updating this review with more information as it comes out.

Product’s summary coming soon…

-What are the best contents?

-What do people think about it, after having tried it?

-Does it actually work NOW, in 2019?

Facebook Ads University Review

  • UPDATE: You can finally purchase FB Ads University HERE (that link is the cheapest possible way to get in).

For the time being, let’s talk a bit about the most common mistakes and a few tricks with Facebook Ads:

Since its unveiling only 14 years ago Facebook has literally taken the world by storm. With over 100 million active people spread globally using Facebook, there are chock full of opportunities business person can use to increase the amounts on their bottom lines.

But where do you even start, where do you get people who would find your products relevant and buy? New and established business owners alike get into Facebook advertising blind. So to help you see better, here are some common mistakes and tricks to employ as solutions.

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1. Failure to conduct audience research

It is not rare to find a well-crafted Facebook ad that passes the right message but is placed in front of the wrong people. On the other hand, you often see a terribly crafted advert in front of both the right and the wrong people. This is not to say that your service or product is bad, but the way you are presenting it is certainly not forthcoming.


You have to realize that whatever you are selling, there’s an audience on Facebook suitable for it. Say you are selling stylish summer hats. Put yourself in the buyers shoes, ask yourself what words they use when searching for summer hats, which celebrities do they follow for ideas, what Facebook groups have they joined.

If you find what you are looking for on Facebook, go ahead and like the same pages, and join the same groups. Remember to see other pages that Facebook suggests and join those groups as well. This provides a good head start into Facebook advertising.

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2. Specify what you are advertising

After your research, you may find that you have more than one group of audiences. But now that you’ve found them, how sure are you that they all understand the same language or do you design a different advert for each one of them?

Most people make mistakes by designing the same ads for different audiences and vice versa, advertising at the wrong time or advertising to the wrong audience altogether.


For your Facebook ad to work better, how about test one variable at a time? Find out what you can change or improve to make the message in your advert more appealing. In addition, make sure that your ad is not time bad, don’t be selling raincoats and gumboots during summer for example. Finally, ascertain that the audience you are advertising to is the right one. You can learn about this and more in Facebook Ads University.

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3. Be patient as you wait for results

You know what they say about Rome not being built in a day? The same applies here. You have to be patient before you get the large audience you crave. Since you are spending a good amount of money to get Facebook ads, you may be one of the many people who subscribe to the school of thought that you will see instant results.

But you soon find out that this, unfortunately, is not the case. So you go ahead and make tweaks and changes to help enhance the ad. In your mind, this should work better and faster, but all it really does is mess everything up.


Note that the solution is not really in changing the message but more on being patient and waiting for the results. Facebook ads are meant to communicate and appeal to the right people. It may take a while for Facebook to match you to the right people but with time everything pans out.

Be sure however that you are ready and willing to spend the required amount of money on adverts in order to get insights, test the audience and get well-designed ads out there.

Wait until you have a following of at least 1000 people and then you can pause, or change the adverts to better suit your audience needs. This, of course, will be informed by the questions you get frequently from your clients, change of product and your own observations.

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Facebook easily tops the list of best social media platforms to do your advertising. Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs advertise their businesses through Facebook ads every day. But as a person who does everything by themselves, you can only be good at so much. Nevertheless, if you follow the aforementioned tricks and avoid the listed common mistakes, get ready to smile all the way to the bank.

End of preliminary Facebook Ads University review.

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