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We do not collect any personal information for you. If we begin collecting email addresses for advertising purposes, we’ll update this.

Only when you desire to receive the bonuses we may offer in some articles, your email and possibly the receipt number will be needed.


We may be compensated for any purchases you make trough some of our links. There’s no relationship between WAH Pursuit and the companies that make the products we promote, there’s only an affiliate agreement.

It cannot be assured that you will earn what some of these products claim, despite the best of our abilities to portray them as they are. The same goes for medical or fitness articles, this website is informational only and you should contact a professional for the important information when it comes to finance or health.

About us

WAH Pursuit is about putting out there information that’s helpful to the reader, making full reviews from time to time where pros and cons, pricing, comparaisons, etc… are displayed.

Our mission is to clarify when a given product or service is worth getting or not. There is currently a massive chaos of opinions online, so the idea is to bring that together into summaries.

Dishonesty and greed run loose around the Internet, so be aware of the intentions and biases of the people you read. Hopefully, we can make the Internet a little bit of a better place by saving you time and mental energy when you do some research regarding any purchasing decision.

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