7 Figure Cycle Reviews… The Idea is NOT New

So, what exactly can 7 Figure Cycle do for you?

7FC, as we’ll call if from now on, is a model to online commerce that takes advantage of the concept of exponential growth.

7 Figure Cycle Reviews

By identifying specific products that will sell extremely well to a highly targeted set of people, you can in theory turn a profit in compounded cycles.

The idea behind 7FC is that you can discover products out of lists of suppliers that will sell very well in a given platform; that fulfill a demand not yet met.

Whether you use Amazon or Shopify (or other) as your online store platform, this approach works just as good.

So, you find a list of suppliers around your area, do some research in terms what these stores lack and pick what you think will be winning products. Test, and keep selling what works.

Many ways exist nowadays to make a living online. Ecommerce is one of them and probably the most newbie-friendly. Have you ever felt like you wanted to spend your money in something but they made it difficult? Like, their system didn’t work properly, or there wasn’t even a product for what you were looking for.

If it worked, everybody would be doing it right? Think again!

There is demand everywhere. Everybody has to start somewhere and believe me, for every successful entrepreneur on the Internet there was once a beginner who wasted time thinking that anything he would come up with, bigger companies would have already invented and implemented.

But he was wrong. Just because he tried it, he made it.

The concept of growing your income exponentially is not a new one. Many people have tried it with betting and the stock market.

The problem with that is, there’s always a risk. 7 Figure Cycle is about identifying a business opportunity (an unmatched link between supply and demand) and putting it to the test.

Selling on Amazon

For instance, you have an online store. You want to sell as many units as possible for the highest price you can. There are two main variables. How many people are visiting your store, and what percentage of those are actually making a purchase.

Having the right products and goods for those prospects is what’s going to make you very successful in online commerce, despite any negative reviews your biz might get.

Now, if you can make a consistent 30% net return on investment for every two-week inventory cycle, you have in your hands 26 of these cycles in a year.

30% margin for 26 times in a year you stock up and get rid of that stock, is multiplying your initial investment by almost 1000 times.

There are always setbacks and issues, but it is doable.

The only goal you have to accomplish is meeting a specific demand and being able to get hold of the next round of stock in the least amount of time.

Aidan Booth’s idea

You might think this is just one of many ways to achieve success selling online, but it’s actually one of the least exploited ones. The market is saturated with SEO people and there are always more consumers desiring something than entrepreneurs actually identifying and satisfying that demand.

So, what’s the difficulty behind this? Why hasn’t everybody already jumped in and begun an Internet venture?

Traditionally, there were more hazards than actual benefits. Building an online store was no easy task, taking care of legalities, finding the right suppliers and distributors, customer help, etc…

Success online

This program has come in a time where eCommerce is a business model many people can engage in. You can open up a store within a WordPress website, or you can sign up to Amazon as a seller. Your storefront’s design, your product inventory, listings, shipping costs, refund policies… everything is pretty much automated because it’s in their interest to attract non-Internet savvy folks.

One of many ways taught in this system is to look at the competitors for ideas. If you were yourself a consumer, a client… what would you find is missing in the marketplace? What are your competitors doing that you couldn’t do better?

There is no famous online retail store you know that didn’t have humble beginnings.

So, what is the training or coaching made of? And who’s it for?

Format is mostly video and text and it’s developed for anybody who’s looking to make money selling stuff online.

The only must is that you take action. Planning, thinking, doing market research, learning your competitors, perfecting your product listings… that’s all really nice, but the only way you can rest assured you won’t have to ask for a refund is if you take action.

How many times have you thought of business ideas, and prepared a plan and protocol, and never ended up taking action? Financial success is for those who try. If you haven’t even put it to the test, you don’t have a right to be disappointed.

You can’t download a free pdf anyway, it’s a platform, not a thing you can download… but even if you could, you probably wouldn’t take action because you wouldn’t value it… psychology 101.

You don’t need to be a genius or a scammer to make a 100 million online. If you ask around, you are going to find very few people who understand how internet commerce and the exchange of wealth within it happens. There are plenty more customers than vendors.

Depending on your venture and your goals, hiring a programmer could be necessary or not. This program doesn’t need any of that as you are using other already established platforms to sell.

Could it be a scam?

Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef and Todd Snively are the guys behind it. They have half a century of combined experience and have similar businesses of their own.

FBA wasn’t even a thing when took action and invested their attention in this industry.

As you watch the presentation video, other obstacles you could have perceived are:

1. Where can I find honest wholesalers, suppliers, distributors… who can sell me the right products at the right place?

It’s actually much easier than you think. It’s in their interest to be easy to find. They have long catalogues of products and they are crazy to get rid of their stock, just like you. The whole idea behind this 7 Figure Cycle review is to let you know that you can filter out the losers and pick the winners.

2. Where will I receive the payments and how fast will I be able to process them?

Again, depends on who you do business with, but that’s another area that’s been made very “ergonomic” to work with. Everything is almost automatic, as long as you keep a returns allowance you can go ahead and reinvest your revenues into the next round of inventory, which is what 7FC is so about.

Offering free shipping, suggesting related product matches, keeping their contact information (if allowed by the legal terms of your platform) to re-monetize them in the future, building a list of proven clients, optimizing the funnels, innovating on products that already sell well…. are things you can always test.

Here you can find more tips and useful info about selling on Amazon.

So, what do people think about it after having tried it? Any case study?

Ecommerce orders

As of now there’s very little feedback. People’s honest opinions will come a bit later as the program has just been launched. Having said that, tons of reviews exist about the previous program these guys launched: The 100k Factory.

The concept was similar back then: Sniff a niche opportunity, get hold of a product that satisfies the demand, and re-invest that money back into the business as fast as you can. Shopify and several WordPress plugins are equally valid towards this approach.

Any legit discount, bonus or coupon?

Not at all, you’ll read inviting titles out there but it’s all fake. The price of 7FC is what it is and is a fixed one on purpose, apart from the different ways you are able to pay for it.

Another attractive thing to this is that Amazon has done 90% of the work already for you. Instead of the Internet’s jungle of consumers being spread around many, many sites, billions of them come to this wonderful store. So, they are already there. You don’t have to spend time in any traffic generating techniques, as it’s often required in many other online biz models.

Your units will appear for example as related searches when people search for stuff or view other listings, or they’ll come to you on their own typing away what they are looking for in the search bar.

Does it work?

We tend to consider the current state of things as being difficult to make money in, but imagine how will this look like 15 years from now… a wild west full of opportunities and vacancies. Just like 2005 looks for SEO if you look back from today’s perspective. You just had to order a bunch of backlinks, do a bit of keyword research, and you were set and done to ring the cash machine.

Another tip is not to aim too low in terms of your goals and aspirations. 5 figures a month is what you have in mind? Think again. We tend to be conservative when doing numbers but when you find the opportunity and feel it’s right, go all the way. Don’t let negative reviews mess up your decisiveness.

There’s only one guarantee you won’t make it happen: Set an achievable goal. If you easily believe you’ll make it, it’s probably too small. If every cycle is compounded, 7 figures is totally attainable.

financial goals

Out of many the many courses on Internet success, this is a low investment required, relatively simple, most recent chance you can come across. It’s not exactly passive income, as there is a minimum time requirement, but it’s as close as it gets while being able to grow it exponentially.

Now that the end of this review is nearby, I want to mention how those of who you think are big companies behind the products and services you see advertised online are actually people like you and me. Everytime you want to find something and you can’t, everytime there’s an error in a website or piece of software, and everytime you want to buy something in a certain way with certain conditions at a certain price, and YOU CAN’T, that’s a chance for somebody to make money. You don’t even have to build an entire brand, just get started.

Is it worth it?

So, in conclusion…

7 Figure Cycle is about fulfilling the millions of unmet demands around the Internet trough the research of competitors and suppliers to come up with sales that in the right frequency will catapult your initial capital into a considerable budget. The snowball effect is a wonderful thing and it can apply to the cycles in which you buy and sell something.

If you have been reading about Shopify, this is even better. Amazon can give you the tools and the prospects as well, and it’s more of a source of market information than anything else. Other people’s sales might not be available to you but customer reviews certainly are.

You can extract tons of info from there and come up with an angle to add value to what’s already out there. If you stay hungry, you’ll stay one step in front of your competitors and the effect of the compound interest will occur.

Of course, do leave your own feedback after having experienced it, even if that takes months. Few ventures will take only months to see results but it’s important you let others know if 7FC was useful or not, as you can save them time and resources. One stock cycle after the other, keep notes of your progress. Documenting shall allow you to build social proof around the program.

Don’t feel envy but motivation from those sellers hitting tens of thousands os sales per day and get going! Here are the tools necessary… English may not be your first language, as it’s my case, but you can always focus on your specific, particular niche. Language, demographic, interests… the way you break down your prospects is up to you. You don’t even have to develop the units, deal with patents, packaging… order fulfillment being performed by a third party is a mechanism full of potential.

Even a warehouse is not necessary, and it’s not dropshipping, it’s better. No waiting for product arrival, no fees, no paid ads, no middle men.

Have a success story to tell!

Last updated on 2019-01-15

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