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In today’s generation, people like it “instant”. Hungry? Go grab a cup of instant noodles. Sleepy? Let me make you a cup of instant coffee. Feeling lonely? Install Tinder. I mean, why take the long road if there’s a shortcut?

In fact, creator of 12 Minute Affiliate, Devon Brown, guarantees you that, if you can order pizza, you can set up this system.

If you are an affiliate marketer, it may have also crossed your mind and said to yourself, “I wish there was a faster way to set up these funnels.”

Devon Brown has clearly asked himself this, too. He made a system that would help affiliate marketers have their sales funnels set up and running in just a matter of 12 minutes! Thus, the name, 12 Minute Affiliate.

I know it sounds crazy. So I made this review so we can finally decide whether it’s “Wow, that’s crazy!” or “Nope, you’re crazy.”

What is 12 Minute Affiliate?

In simple words, 12 Minute Affiliate is a system which provides you with “Done-for-you” Sales Funnels which aims for you to get more affiliate commissions on Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus or other affiliate Networks.

12 Minute Affilliate System


What is a Sales Funnel?

If you are here to research about affiliate marketing and haven’t really started yet, you will hear the term Sales Funnel often.

Sales Funnels are a step-by-step flow which will bring your potential customers closer into buying your product.

Sales Funnels come in many forms. It could be in a form of content marketing, videos, paid ads, or anything that would catch the interest of your potential customers, enough for them to provide you with their e-mail address.

Since it is a step-by-step process, follow-up is necessary. This is where the e-mail addresses come in handy.

Who is the creator of 12 Minute Affiliate?

Devon Brown Creator of 12 Minute Affiliate

12 Minute Affiliate was created by Devon Brown. It’s “Duh-Von” not “Dev-in”, he emphasizes on his About section. He identifies himself as the best emcee in the world.

Unlike other founders, his About Me section does not focus on his business ventures, but rather on his approach as an emcee. As he would like to put it, his mission is focused on “edutaining” (educational + entertaining) solutions.

The mission of Devon Brown

Devon appears to be a fun-loving person, with no tolerance for “traditional” and “boring”. No wonder he created 12 Minute Affiliate. He must have thought “let’s skip the boring part and get to the fun part.”

You may also want to check out what his colleagues say about him:

Antonio ThortonTommie Powers on Devon Brown


What makes 12 Minute Affiliate System different?

If you’ve already had experience with Affiliate Marketing, I bet you’ve spent days, maybe weeks to set up your Sales Funnels. If you are a newbie, you’re lucky you’ll get to skip that part with 12 Minute Affiliate.

12 Minute Affiliate boasts the following features:

• Done-for-you (DFY) affiliate funnels
• Professional-looking landing pages
• Landing page hosting
• Professionally written swipe copy e-mails
• DFY traffic with Solo Ads
• Facebook Group Support a.k.a “Inner Circle”

Instant Funnels

What’s inside the Program?

Once you’ve signed in to your 12 Minute Affiliate Account, these are the 5 main sections that you will see. Let’s explore what’s included in each section:

1. Quickstart Guide

This is where you’ll find the Quickstart Checklist, which will be your guide on setting up your system in 12 minutes.

The Quickstart Checklist

• Choose one of the top 3 niches: Weight Loss, Home Business or Personal Development.
• If you still haven’t got a Clickbank Account yet, you can create one for free.
• You need an autoresponder for this to work and build your e-mail list. So this I where you can purchase an Aweber account if you still haven’t got one yet. FYI, Aweber costs $19.00 per month.
• Sync your autoresponder with Clickbank and your landing pages.

2. Traffic Area

This is the area where you can buy traffic. At the bottom of the page there is an important note that says that you will be buying clicks. It also highlights that 100 likes does not guarantee that 100 people will be converted into leads. They estimated the conversion to 20% to 25%.

So how much does traffic cost? You will see drop-down menu where you will see the price of the number of traffic you want to order.

Buy Traffic for $1 per click

If calculated, that’s roughly $1.00 per click.

3. Service Manager

This is where you can manage your autoresponder and Sales Funnels.

4. Success Library

This section is where you can download E-books for further self-improvement. What caught my attention is the book “16 Ways to get Free Traffic to your Website”.

16 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website

5. Support and Facebook Group Access

The link will take you to the 12 Minute Affiliate Facebook group which is also known as the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle


How much does it cost?

The initial 14-day registration only costs $9.95. After this period, you can opt into either the Basic Level or the Gold Level.

I will enumerate the differences of the two plans below:

Basic Level

• Price: $47.00 per month
• Access to one of the 3 top niches (Weight Loss, Home Business or Personal Development)
• 10 Fully Read-to-go Affiliate Funnels
• 80 Professional DFY Follow-up E-mails
• Funnel Wizard (1 niche)

Gold Level

• Price: $97.00 per month
• Access to all 3 top niches
• 30 Fully Read-to-go Affiliate Funnels
• 240 Professional DFY Follow-up E-mails
• Funnel Wizard (3 niches)

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

These 2 plans are both eligible for the 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate a Scam?

12 Minute Affiliate is not a scam. Over-hyped, yes. The way I see Devon, he is a very positive person and has good intentions about the program. However, what he perceives to be positive and helpful, might not be very helpful for others.

Let’s explore the pro’s and cons of 12 Minute Affiliate System, so you’ll know why I think it is over-hyped:

• Saves you time with their Done-for-you Sales Funnels.
• Save you from the frustration of having to write follow-up e-mails.
• Free landing page hosting.
• I like that there are additional E-books and resources you can download and read.
• 60-day Money Back Guarantee and 14-day Trial Price for as low as $9.95.

• You need to buy traffic. I mean, this is okay, but $1.00 per click is really expensive since it’s not a guarantee that the people who clicked on your funnel would really be lead conversions.
• There is no transparency about the quality of the traffic. This is very important for me since the quality of the traffic would determine the success of your business. You can get a thousand clicks per day but if these people is just not a part of your target market, it’s hard to convert these to sales.

The Question Mark

Would I recommend 12 Minute Affiliate?

I would recommend this program to people who haven’t started affiliate marketing yet, a.k.a newbies. The thing is, if you are a newbie, setting up Sales Funnels could be overwhelming and you might start to think “never mind, it’s not worth the hassle.”

With 12 Minute Affiliate, you can save yourself from that type of frustration. One you’ve started, you will learn along the process. Anyhow, if you have some questions, I believe their Inner Circle can help you. Devon seems to be pretty approachable, too.

However, if you are a conscientious type of person, and really want to learn the process of how things are set up, you can skip this system. I must let you know that since this system is supposed to be DFY, you will not get any type of training.

The Conclusion

So I said earlier on my review that the claims about this system is “crazy”.

Is it crazy?

After writing this review, I must say that it’s really not that crazy. No program is perfect. If you have read the pro’s and cons section, you may have decided already by now.

Personally, I love the idea of 12 Minute Affiliate. I love that apart from the DFY Sales Funnels, there is also an option to customize it. I must admit, if that option wasn’t available I wouldn’t like it because I don’t like generic templates. A personal touch is always better for me since it builds trust and connection with your audience.

What makes me skeptic is the quality of the traffic I am going to buy. As I previously mentioned, I find it too expensive. I need an assurance that the traffic source is legit and targets the people that might be interested in the product. Then maybe, I am willing to pay that much.

In general, I believe that the claims are hyped and overly simplified. Yes, it is possible to have the system up and running within 12 minutes. However, the danger of claiming things like this is, you are setting people up for disappointment. Why? Because they are going to believe it and will get frustrated when they realize, “hey that was not 12 minutes.”

On a brighter note, I’d rather set up a system for an hour or two than do it for days or weeks.

So what do you think of 12 Minute Affiliate? I do hope that I was able to set proper expectations before you dive in.

If you ever decide to give it a try after reading my review, you can check out their website.

I do hope that my review has helped you, and I wish you success!


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