100k Blueprint REVIEW; The PEARL of Online Biz Models (4.0)

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Dan Dasilva is a serial launcher who developed 100K Blueprint, a course that will help you become knowledgeable in the field of drop shipping. The newest version of the course will be launching soon on August 13, 2020.

In this review, you will know more about the course, including the previous ones, about the creator, its price, and an overview of the course itself.

I hope that by the end of this review, you will be able to decide if 100k Blueprint 4.0 is truly what you are looking for.

Sounds good? Then let us get right into it.

Who is Dan Dasilva?

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Dan Dasilva is known as one of the most popular and successful online marketers in the E-commerce and drop shipping industry. He started his career in 2015, and in just two years, he was able to transform his business into a million-dollar business.

Dasilva has been helping thousands of people who are passionate about starting a dropshipping business. Aside from that, he is also known to be a YouTuber where he uploads and shares videos related to dropshipping. Specifically, these videos include the proper branding of your dropshipping products, winning products to dropship, what products you should never drop ship, updates on drop shipping, and many more.

His YouTube account has 137k followers as of this writing.

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His previous online courses before this one were a huge success as well, and thousands of memberships sold. Before developing the course, Dasilva said that he was able to sell approximately 15 million dollars worth of dropshipping products without having to touch it.

About 100K Blueprint


The version 1.0 of this course comprises of 8 weeks of materials. The latest version 3.0, which was launched in 2017, contains four weeks more and comes with bonuses.

This 12-week course offers comprehensive learning about the drop shipping industry and how you will establish a successful business. The course comprises of 40 videos and each week a theme will be unlocked.

Other people may find this inconvenient because they prefer to have access to all lessons all at once and at the same time to be able to choose only the lessons they want to watch.

Dan Dasilva claims that all you need is 3-5 hours per day, and you can already earn a living online in a minimum of 3 months.

Topics Covered Under the 12-week Course

1st Week – Outline of the 7-figure business model

2nd Week – Learning to triple your profit in just three weeks

3rd Week – Facebook drop-shipping techniques

4th Week – Maximizing the benefits of influencers in reaching one million people in a matter of minutes.

5th Week – Learning to use linear funnels

6th Week – Automatic generation of $100,000 monthly

7th Week – Building a team to run the business

8th Week- Finding new sources to tap unexplored opportunities

9th Week – Post sales emails and other activities

10th Week – Linking Bing with Shopify and finding new products

11th Week – Introduction to subscription models, pricing, and sales strategies

12th Week – Multiple case studies and workshop

Overall the course material provides you with comprehensive guides and does an excellent job of helping you understand all the main parts of drop shipping.

For the first few weeks, you will notice that the videos are quite short. But don’t worry because as you go along, the videos get more informative and longer.

The members will also have access to the following bonuses for FREE:

  1. Live coaching with Dan Dasilva.
  2. Ad creatives customized for you.
  3. Private email of Dan Dasilva
  4. Access to Dan’s $2000 video recording about how to earn a living in less than a month.
  5. Secret emails that will you double your profit
  6. Case studies that made an impact on the international industry

What’s new in the Program?

100k blueprint 4.0 reviews

With the success of the launch of 100K Blueprint version 3.0 in 2017, Dasilva opted to polish their funnels and sales messages since the start. For the past two years, they made sure that the webinar style of the new version will have the highest conversion rate regardless of the traffic source by launching paid traffic internally.

The 100K Blueprint 4.0 will be launched on August 13, 2020, and according to Dan Dasilva & the 100K Blueprint Team, it is going to be the TOP LAUNCHES EVER. 

Indicated below are some of the things to know about the course:

  • The 100K Blueprint 4.0 costs $1,997
  • Time-efficient
  • More profitable compared to the previous version and other existing courses.
  • A faster way of creating profitable websites.
  • All-in-one course (A strategy where you will not need an inventory SEO, Google Ads, Bing Ads)

What You Will Get from the Course 

  1. 12-week Drip Course (see Topics Covered Under the 12-week Program).
  2. The most unique and proven valid improved version of Profit Machine 3.0 software.
  3. Six weeks of Private Group Coaching
  4. Lifetime Access to TriFunnels to increase your store revenue.
  5. Hands-on coaching from professional and well-trained drop shipping experts

Is 100K Blueprint a Scam?

100k blueprint not a scam

No, 100K Blueprint is legit, and ever since it was launched, thousands of students benefit a lot from it. Although many still believe that other courses are offering the same content at a much lower price.

Also, even though the course is not a scam, its popularity gave rise to frauds offering fake courses in the name of 100K Blueprint. Hence, you must be cautious enough about the website where the courses are posted or being provided before making a purchase. Make sure that the site is reliable.

Alternatives to the course

If you want to purchase the 100k Blueprint 4.0, then the course is excellent, but if you are still having a hard time deciding, I would recommend a course called eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett.

The reason why this course is excellent because it’s one of the most affordable dropshipping courses out there. Moreover, it consists of over 150 videos. It costs $197- $397 only depending on the version you choose. Hatchett’s been in the drop shipping industry for many years.

dropshipping business model

Final Verdict

If your goal is to generate a substantial profit after finishing the course, I think that you should look for a less expensive course that provides similar content in half the price of the 100K Blueprint 4.0 course. You might want to invest the other half on running your advertisements.

The truth is, there is not a single course that will allow you to earn a living in just a snap, but an investment most probably will.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of Dan Dasilva, you will love this course.

100K Blueprint 4.0 is a fantastic course for those people who want to start building a drop shipping business. At the same time, while learning from the king of drop shipping himself. If you have fun watching his YouTube videos and want to start your own business, then you will most likely enjoy the course. You will also get to enjoy bonuses, and of course, the new and improved features of version 4.o.

In addition to that, included in the course is hands-on coaching with experts on the field. They will be the ones that will help you increase your level of engagement. Additionally, it also promotes a deeper level of learning.

So, should you spend a $1,997 on 100K Blueprint 4.0 if you’re not a Dan fan? I’d say no, regardless of the volume you choose.

I hope this review has helped you in deciding whether to purchase the course on not. Your success depends on you. Good luck!



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